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Lagkamp Skottland 2021

And that’s the end of the first intergalactic turf challenge ever! Or at least that’s how it felt for us in Skåne. Despite a day with snow we started out good with a 2-1 win first week, we even won on takes which is unheard of! Second week we got to see what the Scottish turfers are made of when they crushed us 3-0. Third week we came back again after great team work the last hours before the Sunday week break which gave us 2-1 again. Down 4-5 before the last week. Last week we “just” needed win on takes and round unique to win the whole competition. The week started pretty good for us, we got a distinct lead on round unique and played even on takes up until the Horrible Saturday. The last 48 hours the Scotts decided sleep is for the weak and kept turfing through the nights. We had one man - Tveskägg - who was determined to meet them head on in the darkness, but one man alone cannot stop a hord of Celtic warriors... (see screen shots and notice the time which is AM).


The Scotts were unearthly in the end and beat us fair and square 11-4. Congrats to the fighting Scottish men and women who made this a memorable event for us. As usual we have gained personal bests, new medals and generally overachieved. And we have had fun at the same time. Just as a regional competition should be.

Full score and details here: https://turfportalen.se/event/scotlandskane2021

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